Cleaning Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Cleaning Coffee Maker with Vinegar

Cleaning your coffee maker will help it brew better and tastier coffee.
For many people, the most used appliances in their kitchen is the coffee maker. Whether you drink coffee or not, you probably use this appliance more than any other in the kitchen. With all this use comes the build up of grit and grime inside the machine that may make it perform at a lesser level than it should.

Even worse not many people know how to clean their coffee maker. They may swish out the pot after use or at least change the filter, but this does not really clean the important parts of the whole machine. To really get a deep clean you need to get inside the coffee maker and flush it out.

To clean your coffee maker you can make a fairly simple home made solution using water and vinegar. The rule of thumb is to use about 2 parts water for every 1 part vinegar. I recommend you do a half vinegar and half water solution.

Pour this mixture into your coffee put, and be sure not to go above the recommended maximum level. Once the solution is in the pot you will then pour it into the water reservoir like you would when brewing coffee naturally. Put the pot back in the housing compartment, and install a filter as if you were about to brew a pot of coffee.

Once you have everything back in place, set and ready you will press the start button. Allow for the entire brew cycle to be completely before doing anything. What this does is dispense the water and vinegar solution through your coffee maker for a thorough rinsing of the inside components.

Once the cycle is fully complete and the solution is back into the pot, let it set for at least 20 minutes, allowing for both the pot to cool and the solution to clean the pot. After a good 20 minutes you can go ahead and pour out the vinegar and water mix.

Now that you have cleaned the inside the inside of your coffee maker you will want to flush it out of all the vinegar that may have been left behind from the cleaning process. In order to do this you need to once again fill up the coffee pot to its maximum point, but this time fill it up with just water.

Pour the water into the water reservoir, this time you do not need a filter, and press start to begin the brew cycle again. This should sufficiently rinse the entire machine and rid it of any left over vinegar. However, if you do continue to smell any hint of vinegar from your coffee maker machine, you can repeat the rinse cycle as necessary until the smell is gone.

In order to have your coffee maker last as long as possible and work as best as possible you will want to continue this cleaning process on a monthly basis.

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